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The company, which is based in Upper Austria, is a part of POS Industries Holding, and is one of the global market leaders for innovative, modular building solutions for social housing. As global system suppliers for PVC-concrete residential solutions, GHS creates perfectly-designed residential units with its patented system. GHS Permanent Homes are perfect for creating permanent housing; detached houses or settlements; villages or educational establishments; office buildings or clinics. GHS offers a mobile house system made from lightweight material panels for the construction of temporary accommodation, which can amongst other things be used as emergency accommodation during catastrophes as it is so simple to build.

In addition to the production of GHS Permanent and Temporary Homes, the company plans, designs and supplies complete production systems (GHS Turn-Key Plants) for the generation of wall and roof panels or doors and windows for GHS Permanent Home houses. The rapid and inexpensive production, outstanding safety and true sustainability make GHS an essential partner in social housing. More than 400,000 houses have already been erected across the world using this fast, safe and simple system.

GHS works socially, economically and forward-looking.

By building GHS production plants (GHS Turn Key plants) for regional companies, we have already succeeded in giving thousands of people a new home - the GHS Permanent Home. The components of this hurricane and earthquake-safe solid house are produced regionally and are erected with local suppliers and workers in a very short time to form solid, livable homes.

With this concept, investors and operators of our production plants are making a significant contribution to improvements in quality of life and housing of the people, while at the same time supporting the region's economy. Ideal requirements for successfully supplying the large demand for social housing.

For us, projects are intelligent and forward-looking if social tolerance combines with innovative technology and excellent returns.

Alexander Khinast, Managing Director and Harald Rath, Managing Partner


Taking new paths in social housing and infrastructure construction. From development to efficient realization.

what we stand for

We give people a home and insist on security, added value and sustainability.


Shared success across borders – we contribute to making our world worth living in.

Timeline Block

What has happened so far...



The roots of today's GHS GmbH were planted in the early 1990s. Complete systems for extruding PVC profiles were generated by Uniplast (subsequently Greiner Extrusion) and supplied around the globe.


In the middle of the year, the Competence Center of Greiner Tool.Tec was charged with developing a "Composite House". At this time, Greiner Extrusion was already selling systems for producing PVC profiles for a permanent housing solution built from a combination of concrete and PVC.


The subsidiary GHS GmbH (Greiner Housing Solution) was founded in January because of the excellent order situation and high levels of demand.


After 74% was sold to the company POS Industries Holding GmbH in June 2011, the remainder of GHS GmbH was acquired by POS in November 2012.


In March 2016, GHS Global Housing Solutions acquired the patent for its innovative housing system - the GHS ClipPlus System.

GHS - a member of POS Industries

Our passion is industry. We see ourselves as your Point of Solution.

Being a global group, we see ourselves as a problem solver for industrial customers. Founded by Werner Griesmaier and Harald Rath, POS Industries Holding has exceedingly short paths of decision-making, the flexibility and strength of a spin-off, backed by the stability of a holding with 600 employees and an annual revenue of about 120 million Euros. Based on our corporate principles of success, teamwork, trust and the joy of following our passion, we combine all relevant specialists with precisely defined tasks and competences under a single roof. We are thus prepared for even the most complex tasks. We guarantee that with our name.


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