The future of cost-effective houses in social housing construction.

GHS production plants allow an independent production of plastic profiles which are required for the erection of buildings from the GHS Permanent Housing System. Efficient and sustainable use of locally available resources are an integral component of our mission here. These system solutions are developed, optimized and realized taking into account the respective economic, geographical and social requirements.

The four steps to a sustainable GHS production plant

With support from a GHS production plant, you autonomously produce the plastic profiles needed for a GHS house. For this, you use the raw materials available in your country or region. By producing with local workers, the added value remains in the region.


Together with the client we develop a concept, which takes into account all the desired requirements. Critical factors such as production capacities, production location and building type are evaluated for this and flow into the planning.


Based on the plan, we commission the production of tools and machines. Certified work processes and the many years' experience of our suppliers guarantee the highest quality here. We perform quality and function controls and ensure smooth logistics.


We assemble the production plant together with the local technicians and prepare the commissioning. The staff receive a well-grounded training, which ensures a proper and correct use of the production plants.


Our experts accompany and support the commissioning of the production plants. After a fault-free test run, the plant starts independent production. Upon request, GHS provides support and lifecycle management, even after handover to the operators.

Numerous benefits, numerous arguments for GHS turn key plants

Economic growth and increasing social welfare have led to an increasing need for social housing. Our innovative technology facilitates high production capacities and therefore secures high returns over the long term.

We supply tools and know-how, without interfering in production and work processes. This guarantees a high level of added value with local employees and clients from the region.

Highest quality plants guarantee energy-efficient and resource-saving production. Rejects and production waste are crushed in special mills and return to the production process as recycled raw material.

An investment in GHS extrusion plants guarantees the highest production standards. Modern and fail-safe technology guarantees satisfied customers and the highest possible returns.

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