• low cost housing in Africa

    17. décembre 2018

    A GHS Permanent Home for the local police

    With the innovative GHS ClipPlus Housing System a 80m2 house for the local police is built just now in Lilongwe Malawi. A real added value. The house is not only UV-resistant and easy to maintain, the walls are above all bulletproof. A real MUST for a police Building.

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  • Thousands of two storey GHS Permanent Homes in Peru

    20. septembre 2018

    Thousands of two storey GHS Permanent Homes in Peru

    A settlement of several thousands of two-storey GHS Permanent Homes should be built at an altitude of 4300m in Cerro de Pasco in Peru. The first GHS house is constructed as a part of the governmental program of Miguel Quispe – “Programa de Viviendas”. The first house with a carpet area of 85m2 is built now.

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  • First international GHS sales meeting in Austria

    7. septembre 2018

    First international GHS sales meeting in Austria

    On 5th and 6th of September 2018, GHS organized its first international sales meeting in Austria. GHS representatives from across the globe were invited. From Austria and Turkey to South Africa, Mexico and Indonesia: A globally active company such as GHS must present itself to the public and communicate in a uniform way. All employees must share the same level of knowledge about products and services - this goal was achieved with this meeting. We hope for a successful repetition in the future!

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  • Innovative Austrian solutions for the EU

    22. août 2018

    Innovative Austrian solutions for the EU

    The member of the European Parliament Mr. Lukas Mandl took a look at GHS 'innovative, modular housing solutions: "GHS brings technical and social innovation from Austria. Thousands of people can move from slums and barracks to stable and hygenic houses, thanks to the innovative housing solution. It's great that a red-white-red innovation has convinced us all over the world."

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  • New CeATec office building with GHS technology

    17. juillet 2018

    New CeATec office building with GHS technology

    It is a big advantage, if your construction partner is situated in your own company holding. GHS is ensuring the rapid construction progress for the new CeATec office building by using the Temporary Home technology. The prefabricated housing kits - including preassembled raw installations for electricity and water - are directly delivered to the construction site. The construction works are already in progress, the relocation is planned for September 2018.

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  • Special guest at GHS

    29. juin 2018

    Special guest at GHS

    GHS was pleased to welcome the deputy to the national council, Efgani Dönmez, at its site in Ried/Traunkreis. The purpose of the visit was above all to highlight the different areas of application of the innovative GHS housing solutions, as well as to give an insight into its production.

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  • GHS Turkey - a show house to touch

    14. juin 2018

    GHS Turkey - a show house to touch

    GHS Turkey built up a 70m2 show house in Elazig for better explaining the GHS Permanent Home system to its customers. As usual - Fast. Safe. Simple.

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  • An exceptional warehouse

    8. mai 2018

    An exceptional warehouse

    With the help of the organization „Alte Sachen Freude machen” a new warehouse was built for the Romanian organization Viata in Isus in Bune with the GHS Permanent Home System ClipPlus80.

    Thanks to many volunteers the construction of the 10m x 6m warehouse was carried out in no time at all. From setting the first house profile, up to concreting and setting the roof only one week passed. An absolute record.

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