Patented house systems for the creation of social housing. Fast. Safe. Simple.

The Upper Austrian company, based in Ried, Traunkreis, is one of the global market leaders for innovative, modular building solutions for social housing and the related social infrastructure. The rapid and inexpensive production, outstanding safety and true sustainability make GHS an essential partner.

As a global system supplier for innovative PVC-concrete residential solutions, GHS is able to create perfectly-designed residential units with its patented system. Depending on the requirements, different house systems are available. GHS Permanent Homes are ideal for permanent accommodation, as well as for schools, hospitals, administration or office buildings. GHS Temporary Homes offer a fast and simple solution for temporary emergency accommodation such as those required during catastrophes.

News of GHS Housing

  • Thousands of two storey GHS Permanent Homes in Peru

    A settlement of several thousands of two-storey GHS Permanent Homes should be built at an altitude of 4300m in Cerro de Pasco in Peru. The first GHS house is constructed as a part of the governmental program of Miguel Quispe – “Programa de Viviendas”. The first house with a carpet area of 85m2 is built now.

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    Thousands of two storey GHS Permanent Homes in Peru
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  • First international GHS sales meeting in Austria

    On 5th and 6th of September 2018, GHS organized its first international sales meeting in Austria. GHS representatives from across the globe were invited. From Austria and Turkey to South Africa, Mexico and Indonesia: A globally active company such as GHS must present itself to the public and communicate in a uniform way. All employees must share the same level of knowledge about products and services - this goal was achieved with this meeting. We hope for a successful repetition in the future!

    First international GHS sales meeting in Austria
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The most important thing people who are affected by natural disasters need is in addition to clean drinking water, food and medicine a roof over your head. Quick, safe and easy.

Harald Rath, Managing Partner