Patented house systems for the creation of social housing. Fast. Safe. Simple.

The Upper Austrian company, based in Ried, Traunkreis, is one of the global market leaders for innovative, modular building solutions for social housing and the related social infrastructure. The rapid and inexpensive production, outstanding safety and true sustainability make GHS an essential partner.

As a global system supplier for innovative PVC-concrete residential solutions, GHS is able to create perfectly-designed residential units with its patented system. Depending on the requirements, different house systems are available. GHS Permanent Homes are ideal for permanent accommodation, as well as for schools, hospitals, administration or office buildings. GHS Temporary Homes offer a fast and simple solution for temporary emergency accommodation such as those required during catastrophes.

News of GHS Housing

  • 2,000 GHS residential units for the Ivory Coast!

    We thank Ali Serge Daniel, Technical Director of the Regional Council of the Lôh-Djiboua Region, Ivory Coast, for his visit at GHS Global Housing Solutions. After the inspection of the production plant and the show houses, the agreement was signed for the construction of 2,000 residential units in the sizes 40, 50 and 70 m2 respectively. We look forward to the realisation of that project, so that the motto: "We provide people with a home" gets real in the Lôh-Djiboua region due to the GHS housing technology.

    Ali Serge Daniel mit owner Harald Rath at GHS Global Housing Solutions.
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  • A GHS Permanent Home for the local police

    With the innovative GHS ClipPlus Housing System a 80m2 house for the local police is built just now in Lilongwe Malawi. A real added value. The house is not only UV-resistant and easy to maintain, the walls are above all bulletproof. A real MUST for a police Building.

    low cost housing in Africa
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The most important thing people who are affected by natural disasters need is in addition to clean drinking water, food and medicine a roof over your head. Quick, safe and easy.

Harald Rath, Managing Partner