From the production plant to the finished home. Fast. Safe. Simple.

The company from Upper Austria, based in Ried im Traunkreis, plans, conceives and supplies complete production plants (GHS turn key plants) for producing walls, doors, windows and roof panels for the GHS Permanent House.

The rapid and cost-effective production, the excellent security and genuine sustainability make the GHS Permanent House an essential alternative in social housing construction.

News of GHS Housing

  • A house is built

    Fast. Safe. Simple.
    Another GHS Permanent Home is currently being set up in Zimbabwe - Harare South. The first show house with a size of over 100m2 is built out of a whole range of socially supported hire purchase properties.

    GHS Permanent Home in Simbabwe
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  • Initiation of doing business with Dschibuti

    GHS welcomed the President of the Djibouti Economic Chamber and his wife at Ried / Traunkreis in mid-February. Mr. Youssouf who owns a large construction company is very interested in a local GHS Turn Key Plant to produce his own GHS Permanent Homes in Djibouti.

    Initiation of doing business with Dschibuti
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The most important thing people who are affected by natural disasters need is in addition to clean drinking water, food and medicine a roof over your head. Quick, safe and easy.

Harald Rath, Managing Partner