From the production plant to the finished home. Fast. Safe. Simple.

The company from Upper Austria, based in Ried im Traunkreis, plans, conceives and supplies complete production plants (GHS turn key plants) for producing walls, doors, windows and roof panels for the GHS Permanent House.

The rapid and cost-effective production, the excellent security and genuine sustainability make the GHS Permanent House an essential alternative in social housing construction.

News of GHS Housing

  • GHS show homes in Africa

    Africa is the continent of the future.

    The average growth rate of African countries in the last ten years has been over five percent, and the economic outlook is currently excellent. With its rapidly growing human capital, Africa is already a preferred destination for European companies. Far from the pictures boats illegally crossing the Mediterranean, the country offers space and ground for foreign investors. In the future, potential buyers will be able to view GHS’s show homes in six African countries. A total of twelve show homes – with a floor space of 40, 70, 80 or 104 m² – were or will be erected in the coming weeks in South Africa, Namibia, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Zambia and Angola.

    GHS show homes in Africa
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  • GHS branches in Ankara and Istanbul

    The Turkish branches are supposed to open the gates to the future markets of Syria as well as Iran and Iraq. A new branch in Ankara was recently added to the existing one in Istanbul.

    GHS branches in Ankara and Istanbul
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The most important thing people who are affected by natural disasters need is in addition to clean drinking water, food and medicine a roof over your head. Quick, safe and easy.

Harald Rath, Managing Partner

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