We are Global Housing Solutions

The company from Upper Austria, based in Ried im Traunkreis, plans, conceives and supplies complete production plants (GHS turn key plants) for producing walls, doors, windows and roof panels for GHS buildings. The rapid and cost-effective production, the excellent security and genuine sustainability make the GHS Permanent House an essential alternative in social housing construction.  

The GHS House is produced by regional manufacturers in GHS production plants and is erected with local workers. This creates market opportunities for regional companies, local jobs and local added-value.

In addition, GHS offers a mobile house system made from lightweight panels, which because of its easy handling is used as emergency housing in areas hit by catastrophe.

GHS works socially, economically and forward-looking.

By building GHS production plants (GHS Turn Key plants) for regional companies, we have already succeeded in giving thousands of people a new home - the GHS Permanent Home. The components of this hurricane and earthquake-safe solid house are produced regionally and are erected with local suppliers and workers in a very short time to form solid, livable homes.

With this concept, investors and operators of our production plants are making a significant contribution to improvements in quality of life and housing of the people, while at the same time supporting the region's economy. Ideal requirements for successfully supplying the large demand for social housing.

But GHS is also making a real social contribution in the area of catastrophe help with the Temporary Home.

For us, projects are intelligent and forward-looking if social tolerance combines with innovative technology and excellent returns.

Alexander Khinast, Managing Director and Harald Rath, Managing Partner

    Taking new paths in social housing and infrastructure construction. From development to efficient realization.

  • what we stand for

    We give people a home and insist on security, added value and sustainability.


    Shared success across borders – we contribute to making our world worth living in.

What has happened so far...



The roots of today's GHS GmbH were planted in the early 1990s. Complete systems for extruding PVC profiles were generated by Uniplast (subsequently Greiner Extrusion) and supplied around the globe.


In the middle of the year, the Competence Center of Greiner Tool.Tec was charged with developing a "Composite House". At this time, Greiner Extrusion was already selling systems for producing PVC profiles for a permanent housing solution built from a combination of concrete and PVC.


The subsidiary GHS GmbH (Greiner Housing Solution) was founded in January because of the excellent order situation and high levels of demand.


After 74% was sold to the company POS Industries Holding GmbH in June 2011, the remainder of GHS GmbH was acquired by POS in November 2012.


2015 represented another milestone in the company's history. It was time to drive forward the GHS brand, so the entire appearance has been renewed in order to be equipped not only technically for the future but also in terms of content.

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