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GHS Permanent Homes offer a permanent housing solution based on sustainability. The house system comprises a high quality plastic shell, which is filled with concrete. It is characterized by very rapid erection and a long lifespan. At the same time, it fulfills all relevant security criteria. It is not only suitable for private use, but has also proved itself on the basis of its properties specifically for the erection of public buildings, such as nurseries, schools, office buildings, hospitals and public sanitation facilities.

These system solutions are developed, optimized and realized taking into account the respective economic, geographical and social requirements. Efficient and sustainable use of locally available resources are an integral component of our mission here. 

How a GHS Permanent Home is built

Commissioned building sets are pre-fabricated in the plant and prepared for assembly, then delivered to the construction site. Rough installations for power and water are pre-assembled in the plant in the plastic profiles. Enclosed erection and assembly plans allow rapid installation on site.


The subsoil is prepared and leveled. Reinforcing steel is used. Sanitation pipes are laid, and then a concrete foundation is poured.


The PVC wall profiles are erected and connected to the foundation. With help from prefabricated modules from the production plant, they can be erected in very short times. No lifting machines are needed for this. The wall profiles are then filled with concrete - using a concrete pump or manually with buckets. This creates a solid house.


The roof truss, made of wood or metal, is placed on top and covered with GHS roof panels or locally available materials, such as tiles. A locally and culturally normal roof can be adapted easily at any time. Finally, doors and windows are fitted in the wall openings provided.


The interior fitting is installed according to individual requirements. Sanitation facilities are installed, tiles and floorings are laid. The PVC surface covering can be left raw if required, but can also be painted or plastered. Finally, lights and appliances are connected and furniture fitted – everything ready for occupation.

Material you can build on.

We only use PVC and concrete in the production of our Permanent Homes - the future of social housing construction.

PVC profile

Hard PVC without softeners is exclusively used for the GHS Permanent Home. Stabilizers guarantee the heat-stability of the PVC and protect the product against changes resulting from heat, UV light, as well as against salt water and salt air in coastal regions. For colder climate zones, GHS offers an integrated polyurethane foam insulation in the outer PVC wall profiles. The industrial foaming of the profiles guarantees a high and consistent quality which is reflected in a very low U-value of 0.334 W/m²K.

The thanks from the people confirms our actions and efforts for progress.

Alexander Khinast, managing director

The advantages of our system.

GHS has developed one of the most innovative plastic-concrete wall systems on the market. Innovative press-in connections and a well-conceived modular system ensure the simple and quick assembly of the houses. This allows complete construction of a detached house within a week.

The plastic-concrete walls form both the inner and outer facade of the house. The surfaces are smooth, easy to clean and do not need extra paint or plaster. The concrete core is permanently protected against external factors as a result. This ensures an attractive look, a high hygiene standard and therefore permanence for decades.

The combination of concrete foundation and reinforced concrete walls with elastic plastic surface and poured roof anchors guarantees maximum stability. The GHS Permanent Home withstands hurricane-force winds and even strong earthquakes. Over 70% comprises non-flammable concrete. The PVC shell, unlike wood or other construction materials, is self-extinguishing and in the case of a fire melts rather than bursting into flames.