• Is a GHS Permanent Home recyclable?

    The PVC profiles can be 100 % recycled. Considered over a long-term cycle, houses filled with concrete can actually be crushed and re-used as a construction material elsewhere.

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  • Is the use of PVC safe for the inhabitants?

    Yes. Pure hard PVC is used to make the walls, windows and door profiles. No softeners or heavy metals added as stabilizers. According to an independent study by TÜV Rheinland, there are no emissions of volatile, organic or carcinogenic substances. Consequently, PVC in this application is absolutely safe for health.

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  • Which climate zones are the houses suitable for?

    By using lightweight concrete, the heat transition can be reduced by up to half while maintaining sufficient stability. In fact, heat transition and statics calculations are used as the basis for the structural designs. The building can also be fitted with full insulation cladding if even better insulation is required.

    The GHS concrete-PVC house is excellently suited for hot regions. Because of the white color, heating from solar radiation is correspondingly low. Thanks to the UV resistance, the longevity and weather resistance is guaranteed.

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  • Do the houses have to be maintained?

    Because of the PVC wall surfaces, the house is practically maintenance-free. It blocks damp, is easy to clean and absolutely UV-resistant.

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  • What is the lifespan of the houses?

    The combination of steel, concrete and PVC makes the GHS house robust and long-lived.
    The high-quality plastic surfaces perfectly withstand environmental factors such as salt water, corrosion and intensive solar radiation for generations.

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  • What security does a GHS Permanent Home provide?

    Thanks to its solid construction, the GHS house has been tested multiple times against the dangers from earthquakes and storms and has excellent performance data in this area. Practical experience shows that the GHS concrete-PVC houses survived the hurricanes Sandy and Isaac on Cuba undamaged, while numerous houses around them were destroyed by the storm.

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  • Can the walls be designed in any desired color?

    The walls of a GHS house can be painted, tiled or wallpapered just like brick or concrete walls. It is also possible to plaster the walls. In general, this is not necessary because of the long-lived aesthetic.

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  • How are the water pipes and electricity cables laid?

    Electrical cables and pipes run in the profiles designed for them and are invisible from the outside.

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