• An exceptional warehouse

    8. May 2018

    An exceptional warehouse

    With the help of the organization „Alte Sachen Freude machen” a new warehouse was built for the Romanian organization Viata in Isus in Bune with the GHS Permanent Home System ClipPlus80.

    Thanks to many volunteers the construction of the 10m x 6m warehouse was carried out in no time at all. From setting the first house profile, up to concreting and setting the roof only one week passed. An absolute record.

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  • GHS Permanent Home in Simbabwe

    16. April 2018

    A house is built

    Fast. Safe. Simple.
    Another GHS Permanent Home is currently being set up in Zimbabwe - Harare South. The first show house with a size of over 100m2 is built out of a whole range of socially supported hire purchase properties.

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  • Initiation of doing business with Dschibuti

    19. February 2018

    Initiation of doing business with Dschibuti

    GHS welcomed the President of the Djibouti Economic Chamber and his wife at Ried / Traunkreis in mid-February. Mr. Youssouf who owns a large construction company is very interested in a local GHS Turn Key Plant to produce his own GHS Permanent Homes in Djibouti.

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  • Sales success for GHS Permanent Homes in Panama and Colombia

    22. January 2018

    Sales success for GHS Permanent Homes in Panama and Colombia

    GHS has achieved another sales success in the area of GHS Permanent Homes with the help of Prof. Luis Garcia Moron from the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

    In collaboration with the contractors Murcia Construcciones in Colombia and Delaware in Panama the first 10 GHS Permanent Homes with a size of 50m2 to 70m2 will be installed. Likewise, the building system is used for the construction of two sanitary facilities. These houses are the basis for further discussions regarding local production plants.

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  • GHS show homes in Africa

    19. December 2017

    GHS show homes in Africa

    Africa is the continent of the future.

    The average growth rate of African countries in the last ten years has been over five percent, and the economic outlook is currently excellent. With its rapidly growing human capital, Africa is already a preferred destination for European companies. Far from the pictures boats illegally crossing the Mediterranean, the country offers space and ground for foreign investors. In the future, potential buyers will be able to view GHS’s show homes in six African countries. A total of twelve show homes – with a floor space of 40, 70, 80 or 104 m² – were or will be erected in the coming weeks in South Africa, Namibia, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Zambia and Angola.

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  • GHS branches in Ankara and Istanbul

    14. November 2017

    GHS branches in Ankara and Istanbul

    The Turkish branches are supposed to open the gates to the future markets of Syria as well as Iran and Iraq. A new branch in Ankara was recently added to the existing one in Istanbul.

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  • GHS with trade fair booth in Tunis and Abidjan

    30. October 2017

    A continent’s real face

    GHS with trade fair booth in Tunis and Abidjan

    The Les Rencontres Africa congress organized by the French Foreign Ministry aims at showing the real face of Africa and bring together business partners who want to invest on the African continent. The fair took place at the beginning of October almost simultaneously in Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Nairobi (Kenya) and Tunis (Tunisia). More than one thousand international managers took the chance to meet. GHS is already counting large parts of Africa among its core markets and attended this year’s Les Rencontres Africa congress with its own booth for the second time: GHS’s General Manager Alexander Khinast and sales partner Ekkehard Redlhammer (Dynaxity) spent the 5th and 6th of October in Tunis while GHS sales partner Philippe Raffier (Dynaxity) visited Abidjan a few days previously.

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  • Exportchampion GHS

    25. September 2017

    Exportchampion GHS

    Am 18. September wurde GHS im Rahmen eines Servicetipps des Export Center OÖ als Exportchampion im ORF OÖ präsentiert. Den ganzen Spot zum Nachsehen gibt es auf der Website der Wirtschaftskammer. Hier gehts zum Video: www.wko.at  

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